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Scott McKenzie and his family grow cranberries and raise sheep and cattle on land that his family have been farming and ranching near Cape Blanco in southern Oregon since 1874.  The McKenzie family purchased the land and experimented with many different production animals as well as crops, such as running a dairy operation and raising artichokes, huckleberry and lily bulb crops.  In 1996 Scott and his children started building cranberry bogs and raising sheep and cattle.  There strategy is simple; maintain and grow an ecologically and economically sound operations for themselves and for future generations.  They work hard to ensure they are not only minimizing any negative impact but growing cranberries and raising sheep and cattle the way nature intended. 

We measure our success by:

  • Ensuring we grow our cranberries in a sustainable manner, insuring we are nurturing the land and supporting reconnecting the world with their food supply.

  • Raise the sheep and cattle with a commitment to ethical and humane handling.

  • Support our family’s ability to pass this heritage and way of life on to future generations.

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